5 Cars You’d Never Guess Shared The Same Chassis!! 

In this post we want to share another interesting video with you guys. 5 Cars You'd Never Guess Shared The Same Chassis! For example the Jeep Compass and the Mitsubishi Lancer have the same chassis! Watch the video below, leave a comment and follow us also on Facebook! https://youtu.be/lA7s5ujCiuM (adsbygoogle =

577HP R32 Turbo SEAT Leon at Santa Pod Raceway

Simon Blackburn's 'Monster Leon' is powered by a R32 Turbo with stock compression, rods & pistons. The turbocharger is 'SX400' spec and is bolted up to a P Motorsports Tubular Exhaust Manifold. The ECU is an Emerald K6 Plus and it runs on E85 with 1000cc Genesis Injectors. It produces

Mercedes-AMG: Manual Transmissin is finished Business

The guys from Topgear thought what is possible with BMW M is also possible with Mercedes-AMG. So they asked AMG boss Tobias Moers if he had thought of an old-fashioned manual sports car. After all, competitor BMW is not getting rid of the Manual transmission. He could barely keep his

A Bugatti Veyron with Rear Seats and FWD?!

If you don't take your very expensive hypercar out to drive it and put it in a heated garage does it even matter at all how fast it is or what engine it has? Or how about this dilemma: would you rather have a real Bugatti Veyron with a W16 engine