Amazing Sounding BMW M3 E92 w/ Side Exhaust in Action on Hillclimb!

Bmw m3 e92

Dusting off my folders from previous years and events, I noticed I still have tons of uploadable material about the 2018 FIA Hillclimb Masters, an event held every 2 years where the best and fastest drivers of the most important European hillclimb championships are reunited to fight against the clock.

The 2018 edition was held in Gubbio, Italy. Among the various competitors there was the French driver Yannick Poinsignon with his widebody, sequential BMW M3 E92 monster. Listen to that marvellous sounding V8 engine screaming and echoing through the mountains! #BMWM3E92 #M3E92 #M3E92GT2

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