The Most Expensive Supercar Crashes

Today we have a painfull post we want to share with you guys. Themost expensive supercar crashes which are recorded. Check out the compilation video of

Jeep driver crashes into semi-truck

18 Yrs Old Jeep driver crashes into semi-truck and Explodes!

Samuel Lachance, 18, is recovering after surviving a harrowing head-on collision with a semi-truck. Marc Cramer and his son, John, witnessed the smash and pulled

Hillclimb crashes fails

Technic FAIL Compilation ☆ Hill Climb edition

Engine explosions or other technical faillures in hill climb means a lot of private money is blown away in most cases. For some drivers the

Billet 13b rotary rx-7

Billet 13B FD RX-7 Blows Rear Off The Starting Line

This thing must make some big power with a Billet PAC 13B and a large single turbo, because it blew the rear diff instantly..... locking