Nissan Skyline R33 being destroyed. This Hurts..

Skyline crushed destroyed

A very good and decent looking Skyline R33 is being crushed in this video in Ohio/US. They crushed this awesome Skyline because it was not legal in his state!

Here is the story: “I bought the car in ft Lauderdale at a dealership. Flew down to Florida and drove it all the way back to Ohio, titled it with its original 11 digit vin as a 1995 Nissan skyline, passed the out of state inspection, got full coverage insurance on it through State Farm, and dailied it until May, when it got into a fender bender. Insurance adjuster saw it wasn’t federally legal, they flagged it, sent an undercover guy to look at it, then a few days later they showed up at my door and seized it. No charges because there was no fraud or vin swapping done, the Feds couldn’t figure out how I got it titled the way I did lol but that’s the real legit story lol”

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