Supra on a Budget | 1000HP 2JZ SC300

Swapping a 2JZ into these cars is pretty common now! You basically get a Supra on a budget! Except you don’t look like a Supra, and you get all the fancy Lexus stuff. Well, the SC300 isn’t so luxury anymore. Now it’s more like a full on racer with 1000

11 Of The Best 3.0L Engines In The World

For lighter sports cars, a two-liter engine is cool. However a three-liter thats the border where a serious displacement begins actually! In this compilation video yoy will see some of the best (sounding) 3.0L engines in the world! Watch the video and leave a comment. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({

Fastest Street GT-R’s in All of Australia!

Fastest Street Cars in All of Australia? You’ll likely find it here at Cootamundra Airport in New South Wales! MotiveDVD’s Drag Battle/GTR Challenge is home to the nations craziest street cars and their most skilled drivers! Packing the airstrip full of cars ranging from 600HP all the

Holden Wagon – SUPRA Powered?

Holden wagon 2jz Swapped Turbo

Seeing a 60’s Holden Station was a first for these guys. The last thing they expected to see under the hood was a 2JZ engine! Turns out - this was a father/son build that has been put together over the past 3 years, and boy did it come out NICE.