Supra on a Budget | 1000HP 2JZ SC300

Swapping a 2JZ into these cars is pretty common now! You basically get a Supra on a budget! Except you don’t look like a Supra, and you get all the fancy Lexus stuff. Well, the SC300 isn’t so luxury anymore. Now it’s more like a full on racer with 1000

11 Of The Best 3.0L Engines In The World

For lighter sports cars, a two-liter engine is cool. However a three-liter thats the border where a serious displacement begins actually! In this compilation video yoy will see some of the best (sounding) 3.0L engines in the world! Watch the video and leave a comment. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({

Fastest Street GT-R’s in All of Australia!

Fastest Street Cars in All of Australia? You’ll likely find it here at Cootamundra Airport in New South Wales! MotiveDVD’s Drag Battle/GTR Challenge is home to the nations craziest street cars and their most skilled drivers! Packing the airstrip full of cars ranging from 600HP all the

Holden Wagon – SUPRA Powered?

Holden wagon 2jz Swapped Turbo

Seeing a 60’s Holden Station was a first for these guys. The last thing they expected to see under the hood was a 2JZ engine! Turns out - this was a father/son build that has been put together over the past 3 years, and boy did it come out NICE.

Drag Racing played in SLOW MOTION.

Slow Motion Drag Racing

Quiet interesting footages in this one. The guys from TRC made a compilation video of some drag racing footages with cars doing launches, burnout and even wheelies un slow motion. There is nothing like some beautiful slow motion drag launches, tire wrinkle, wheelies, and drag racing! Watch the video below and

Wicked 7-Second Supra Gets Set to “Kill Mode”

1200HP 2JZ Supra

The Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals is the scene of the action as John Staats takes his Toyota Supra for a wild ride! Watch the video of this 3.4L Supra with PT7685 Turbo and leave a comment below or share this one with your friends! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle ||