A high-ranking BMW executive has had enough of journalists who gave previous generations of the 3 Series negative reviews, he literally said “he doesn’t want to hear that sh*t” about the new version of the sports sedan!

Klaus Fröhlich, member of the BMW board and responsible for development, suggested the recently revealed G20-generation 3 Series would be the best driver’s car in its segment.

“It has to beat everybody in the segment in driving dynamics because all the Australian, UK and American journalists say ‘ooh, the E46 CSL was the last real 3 Series’,” Fröhlich told

“I do not want to hear that sh*t anymore,” he added.

Fröhlich claimed various under-the-skin changes meant the 3 Series struck an even sharper balance between dynamics and comfort than before.

“First thing – and this is for me the most important thing – you can drive fast and completely relaxed. You don’t feel how fast you are.

“Second thing – and this thing is a big achievement – this car is much more ‘valuable’, it has much better materials and it is solid like a rock,” he told the Australian publication.

“From the comfort, it is more like a 5 Series, because this [CLAR] architecture is so, so stiff … You do not only feel it in driving, you feel it in ride comfort.”

The seventh-generation 3 Series is scheduled to launch in South Africa in March 2019.

What do you guys think about it? Are thr BMW fanboys right? Or are the newer ones also drivers cars?

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