BMW M4 going 280KM/H Almost Hits Mazda on Autobahn


Ths purpose of me posting this video is to show that bad driving behavior on Autobahn is risky and could be dangerous.

We would be very happy, if this video brings you some value and some potential accidents are avoided by driving more safely in the future. For this incident, all three traffic participants could have done better.

The M4 driver should have been slower, Mazda driver should have checked the mirror twice to get good speed estimation before changing the lane and should not have changed two lanes at once.

The Ford driver should not have driven on the third lane when the two on the right were empty. Regarding the scenario: BMW M4 moved at 280km/h on German Autobahn A5 to Frankfurt, this section has no speed limit and has 8 lanes, which is very rare in Germany, as almost all Autobahn have 4 or 6 lanes.

A slow car changed two lanes and cut in. BMW managed to slow down from 280km/h to 140 km/h in 3 seconds and a hit was avoided by just a few meters! Follow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!

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