Donkey Tec 950HP BMW E46 – Shooting for 300kph? (man shifting!)

MAN-Shifting – 950hp of German Engineering! For those of you who remember this car from a previous episode of 1320Video in Germany, they saw this MONSTER BMW while touring their friends shop at Donkey Tec!

After loading up on some fresh parts, revised tune, and a good dyno session, this badass stick shift E46 BMW pulled off the trailer in the RACE1000 pits to lay down some POWER!

Freshly paired with a new turbo and some new supporting accessories, this Donkey Tec tuned Turbo E46 showed up to take full advantage what of the RACE1000 1/2 Mile has to offer.

Pairing nearly 1000hp with RWD in Europe is a tough combination when the tracks aren’t prepped and the streets are slick (granted they DO have the Autobahn), but this BMW wasn’t scared of the challenge as it made pull after pull while shooting for that 300km club mark!

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