This RX-7 4 Rotor Sounds Like A 787B

4 rotor Mazda RX-7

Here is an awesome video of a 4 Rotor Mazda RX-7 that sounds so damn brutal you should listen to this one! The owner recently had his turbo manifold rebuilt by Walker Morgan at Morgan Performance Fabrication. The manifold was actually built using specs from the 787B racecar. You won't hear

Mercedes SLS AMG Destroyed

SLS AMG Destroyed

I Know it even sounds Weird, Mercedes SLS AMG destroyed. But it really happened. I have looked for information about why they destroyed this awesome car but couldn't find some good information about it. These guys just destroyed a complete and running SLS AMG on a wrecking yard. Just watch the

Opel Kadett E 4WD 905HP/960NM X20XEV !

Kadett Turbo WKT

We would like to show you guys this legendary guy. We have been following him for years and the last project he finished is this awesome Opel Kadett E 4WD 905HP/960NM X20XEV @ 2.8 bars of Boost and weighs 1120KG's. At the moment this Kadett has over 1200HP! Just watch the