Pontiac Firebird drag race wheelie

A nice boosty wheels up pass from Tulsa Raceway Park! This Pontiac Firebird is nuts! When the boost kicks in this Pontiac doesn't stay on the ground! Is that why it's called a FIREBIRD?! Watch this Pontiac Firebird go up in the video below and leave a comment or share this

9.500Rpm Suzuki Swift GTi || 180Hp/620Kg Hatchback Monster

Jakob Loffler drives another unhinged version of the 90´s Hot Hatch from Suzki, the Swift GTi. Powered by the 1.4L Naturally Apirated engine, here capable of 180Hp/9.500Rpm! This tiny 620Kg Monster is outstanding proof of how capable and agile a lightweight, FWD car can be. https://youtu.be/9lWSUEfnENo (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle ||