THREE Turbos attached to this Torque MONSTER!

The Ultimate Callout Challenge was quite the experience for us this year! We aren’t used to 100+ psi of boost, huge torque numbers, and rolling coal. Literally EVERYTHING there did those things. This truck stuck out to us for obvious reasons though. LOOK AT THOSE TURBOS. (adsbygoogle =

He walked away from THIS?

California is always a nice change from our home in Nebraska, and not just because of the weather. California always has unique builds and everyone there loves to throw down! Boddie’s No Excuses event was what we were hoping for! Unfortunately the track had to shut down hardly into the

1000whp 9500RPM 4-Rotor Nightrun Screaming!

1000whp 9500RPM 4-Rotor

Fucking porn! 4 rotor powered Mazda RX-7 of Youtuber Mazzei Formula. What a beast and what a sick sounding exhaust tone! Must watch this one! Watch the video below and leave a comment or share this one with your friends. Follow us also on Facebook! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle

2JZ Swapped Mazda MX-5 at Santa Pod Raceway

Graeme Cook's Mazda MX5 'Mazupra' was competing at Doorslammers 2019, powered by a 2JZ it was running very respectable 11 second passes. Watch the video od this rare swap below and leave a comment. Follow us also on Facebook and share this one with your friends. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle ||