Drag Racing on 26 inch RIMS – WTF?!

This was not something you would expect to see while driving through the pits of Hot Rod’s Drag Week 2017, and for obvious reasons it caught tgese guys very off guard! Alan Robinson had alternative plans for a Drag Week car, but when he realized it would be done in

Lotus Exige K24 Monster // Hillclimb Attack

Here we have another awesome post. Piotr Soja raced this widebodied 700Kg Lotus Exige with 350+Hp from an Honda K24 supercharged engine in Eastern European Hillclimbs. This thing sounds so good and if you ask me its a perfect combination for hillclimb or track racing! https://youtu.be/E7LTsXc_L9g (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({