Audi RS3 racing a DSM Eclipse on Street $6000

audi RS3 racing

Iroz Motorsports Audi RS3 streetracing vs Team Homicide DSM Eclipse Mitsubishi for $6000 ! These are the kind of races we love. The adrenaline rush is crazy on these races. Watch the video of the race below, leave a comment and share this one with youe friends. Don't forget to follow


amg gt63s

The full DRIVE & SOUND with the new 2019 / 2020 performmaster GT 63 S "1 of 31" based on the Mercedes-AMG GT 63s 4-Door. This version pumps out an unbelievable 740 hp + 1.030 Nm of torque and features some very exklusive Aero-Parts called AERSPHERE! Watch the video, leave

900HP Monster Audi A3 3.2L Turbo

Audi A3 3.2L Turbo

One of my favorite engine is the Volkswagen VR6. The sound of these engines are priceless and the fact they love to be boosted makes it complete. In this post we have Ricky from LLF, introducing the car of Luke. Luke is also one of our followers which makes this post

Seriously FAST RB30 Powered Holden Rodeo

rb30 powered holden

What a beast! Jesse Murphy runs a PB of 8.20 at 263kmh (163mph) in his Turbo RB30 Holden Rodeo. The sound of this Nissan Skyline engine is always a blast! Watch the video of this Nissan Skyline RB30 powered Holden Rodeo and leave a comment or share this one with your

9 Second 440 Cube XT FALCON

440 Cube XT FALCON

We should give these american muscle cars more attention on our website! Brad Leslie runs in the video below a string of 9 Second passes in his 440 Cube XT Falcon with a best time of 9.553 @ 224km/h Watch the video of this 440 Cube XT Falcon below, leave a