Check out this crazy diesel powered VW Lupo! This thing runs 10 a seconds on the 1/4 mile with a 1.9 tdi engine! Setup: 1.9tdi 8v ASZ Cylinder block with 2.0tdi 16v BKD Head, EDC15P+ Engine Ecu, Firad 120% Injectors, Rosten Rods,Darkside Head Bolts,Darkside Upgraded Valve Springs,Spec Mini Twin

No VTEC… No BOOST.. Still A FAST Honda Hatch!

No VTEC... No BOOST.. Still A FAST Honda Hatch!

LA SATA runs a All Motor, NON V-TEC, B-Series engine and has consistently gotten fast this past season leading up to a 10.3 pass over the weekend at Import Invasion! Just watch the video of this awesome Honda below and leave a comment or share this one with your friends.