KING of The Texas Streets (2000HP GTR)

2000HP GTR

Putting down 2000 horsepower to the pavement is absolutely mind blowing. Doing it side by side is unlike ANYTHING you could ever experience! This MONSTER of a GTR remained undefeated amongst multiple 1700HP Vipers, and a couple GTR's making upwards of 2000HP! Follow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!

1200HP Porsche Destroys a Pack of Motorcycles

It has been a bit quite on this side so we wanted to share another awesome post and found it. Black Horse Racing build this 1200HP Porsche to slap some ass! Watch the Black Horse Racing 1200HP twin turbo Porsche absolutely annihilate a group of motorcycles. I bet these guys were

Fast Diesels Drag Racing Compilation

The diesel drag racing scene isn't so big here in the UK but it's very different to the scene in the US mainly consisting of hatchbacks! There are some very quick diesel-fuelled cars in Europe including the Portugese cars that often make the trip to Santa Pod Raceway. UKs own John

K20 Turbo PRELUDE 150mph Roll Racing | PetrolWerks |

PetrolWerks built another runner! Doesn't matter what make or model, these guys get it done. You don't see many Honda Preludes around anyway, so this one K20 swapped and turbocharged really caught people off guard. Trapping over 150mph at SlipStream Racing is one serious Front Wheel Drive machine. Watch the