The car the new VW Golf wishes it was..

Seat leon 2020

Introducing the all-new SEAT Leon! It's the sporty Spanish cousin to the VW Golf, with similarities being found both inside and out largely due to the Leon being built on the same platform as the Golf (well, they are part of VW Group after all!). And the comparisons don't stop

Top 10 WORST Drag Racing WRECKS from 2019

Drag racing wrecks

Wrecks are the LAST thing we want to see at the race track..but unfortunately they do happen. Here is a look at the Top 10 NASTIEST wrecks filmed by 1320video during the 2019 season. Watch the video below to watch the nastiest wrecks and leave a comment below or share

NEW vs OLD AMG G63: DRAG RACE & Challenges!

Amg g63

It’s time for a battle of old vs new! The current Mercedes-AMG G63 is a big, luxury SUV built on an all-new setup – its predecessor, however, was still based on underpinnings established in 1979! Can the all-new – and its 4.0-litre, 585hp V8 – defeat the classic, with its


Mitsubishi evo viii mr

NR Autosport 2.3 stroker build with Je 85.5mm 2.3 stroker pistons, Oliver 150mm I-beam rods,Kelford 272 cams,ARP 625 headstud kit,Acl race bearing set, NR Balance shaft delete kit, Cosworth head gasket,Valve stem seal set high temp Eagle balanced and polished crank,Super tech valve springs and retainers, Gtx3576r turbo kit and