23 HARD Subaru Launches

Subaru impreza jdm stance

Boxer Rumble + Subaru Spinnin' All-fours = EPIC! Watch these 23 Subarus 2-step launching like rockets! Subaru lovers will like this one. Here below we have a compilation video with some bad ass Subaru Impreza's doing some launches on the street. Follow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram! https://youtu.be/6xHWjperfUQ?t=3s (adsbygoogle

BMW 1-Series M loses the 6 cylinder engine

The future 1-series ///M's wont be a 6 cylinder anymore. The sporty version of the 1-series coming out in 2018 will be a 4 wheel drive turbocharged four cylinder engine and the normal versions a front wheel drive. On the other side that ain't bad news. Nowadays with all those