Streetracers Face Lifetime Jail Sentence!

Streetracers lifetime

Two young men of 25 and 28 years in Berlin are sentenced to life because they have killed another motorist. The two kept last year the city an illegal street race and drove with 160 kilometers per hour through red traffic lights at the Kurfüstendamm. At a crossroad one of

11000+RPM and 50+psi BOOST HONDA CRX

1100HP Honda CRX Del Sol Turbo

This CRX / Del Sol was built from scratch and features a heavily modified and high revving 1.8L Honda 4-cylinder engine boosted by a 76mm Precision turbo on upwards of 50psi boost. The combination is good for over 1000hp which has resulted in some very impressive time slips. 1993 Honda CRX

370Z Twin Turbo vs Cocky R35 GT-R Owner

GT-R R35 vs 370Z Twin Turbo

Here is a nice race between 2 nice cars, but a cocky driver in the R35 GT-R. This guy really thought he is going to win the race….. Watch the race between the Twin Turbocharged 370Z and the R35 GT-R. 370z — 670whp Fast Intentions TT Stage 2, 14psi, CJM Fuel System

Golf MK2 3.6L Turbo AWD 1300HP !

1300HP Golf R36 Mtech Motorsport

We would like to show you guys this MK2 Golf with a R36 engine that produces 1300HP and 1400NM of Torque! The best time it ran on a 1/4 mile is 8.8 seconds at the moment with 263km/h. Watch the video of the MK2 R36 Turbo below with 1300HP and leave

Audi 90 Quattro 20V Turbo 900HP

Audi 90 Quattro 20v

Quattro Audi 90 20V turbo with 900 HP and 963NM of torque doing a roll and stand mile race at the race 1000 event! Watch the video of this beast Audi 90 Quattro and let us know what you think the video. Don’t forget to share this beauty! Follow us also