11.300RPM Mercedes SLK340 Judd V8 || F1 Old-School SOUND

Today we remember Reto Meisel and his mighty 630Hp/11.300Rpm SLK340 Judd V8 in all their majesty during the 2022 Season where they dominated the field before taking a sabatical year, preparing for an All-Out assault for 2024.

Absolutely adored and idolized by the fans, not much can compete with the soundtrack provided by the Judd DB Engine, and at almost a 1Hp/1Kg ratio not much can compete with it on sheer pace either. Sporting a whole new Livery and being and with all its 630Hp at 11.300Rpm and weighing less than 800Kg, it is still one of the Ultimate Monsters in this Sport.

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