1100+HP 2JZ Silvia runs 8.25 @ 170mph on the 1/4 mile

2JZ Silvia

JDM Industries 2JZ turbocharged Nissan S13 Silvia runs a personal best pass at Calder Park. The Nissan has a 3.0L forged engine with a Garrett GTx47 Turbocharger running @ 46 psi!

Further setup is Tonnka Intake plenum & exhaust manifold 4inch full exhaust, Haltech PS2000 ECU, E85 Fuel, Preston Automatics 2spd powerglide Factory IRS rear end with R32 GT-R diff setup. Power Approx 1100-1200hp MT X275 radials Built and tuned by JDM Industries. Follow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!

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