3000HP+ and 100PSI, NO Wastegate? | Rod Harvey’s 5 Second 2JZ Camry

2JZ Camry

This 2JZ produces over 3000HP at around 100 PSI of boost and Rod Havey has gone for a slightly different approach with it comes to boost control. Interestingly, it involves a DBW (drive by wire) throttle body…

Controlling boost pressure is a critical part of having the ability to make 5 second passes in this Toyota Camry drag car, and in order to make sure the boost pressure and RPM are exactly where they’re needed on launch to match the setup of the adjustable drag racing style clutch that is fitted.

Watch to learn more as Andre goes over the system at the latest Sydney Jamboree drag racing event, which didn’t quite go to plan. Follow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!

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