700HP/820KG Alfa Romeo 4C Picchio || ONBOARD Turbo AER Swap

This is the Alfa Romeo 4C Proto by Picchio SPA in its 2021 Version, driven and mantained by Alessandro Gabrielli of Gabrielli Motorsport, powered by a 2.0L Turbocharged Engine by AER (Advanced Engine Research) producing now upwards of 700Hp, weighing only 820Kg and the E2-Sh Class Italian Champion.

One of the most ambitious HillClimb Racing projects ever in the Italy, this carbon fibre bodied Monster designed and built by Picchio SPA, has finally reached its potential, winning not only multiple trophies in the last couple Seasons but also being invited to the ultimate Hillclimb event in Europe, the Hillclimb Masters which was held this year at Falperra in Portugal.

Placing as the 8th Fastest Touring Car overall, here it can be seen right from Mr. Gabrielli´s point of view to give a proper idea of just how brutal this Italian Turbocharged Beast is….

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