700HP Lancia Delta Integrale Evo || Amazing Turbo Sounds & Flames

lancia delta integrale evo

Milan Bubnic and his outrageous Lancia Delta Integrale Evo continue to amaze fans of Hillclimb Racing everywhere they go, and on this last Season they really ramped it up in quite an eventful way, not only posting incredible results, but also destroying and rebuilding this very car in pretty much only 2 months, to get back on track.

On this video you can see the aggressively turbocharged 2.0L, 700Hp Monster on Verzegnis Hillclimb first, where it fought for the place of fastest Touring Car on the event, right before the brutal crash suffered at Gorjanci Hillclimb.

After you can watch on Ilirksa-Bistrica with a simplified version of it when it came back, with the rebuilding process being completed literally the day before hitting the hills.

In the end you can see ut on Cividale-Castelmonte, truly finished with new Aeordynamic package put to the test. And once again fighting for the Top Spot.

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