Audi RS3 Swapped Volkswagen Caddy with 700+HP

What an animal! That’s the first thing that comes up to write down about this build. We have seen many awesome builds done with VW Caddys before but this one must be the craziest till now. Not only an DAZA engine swap, even floor panels, virtual dash and AWD system has been completely swapped to this van.

It all started as a 104bhp Volkswagen Caddy FWD and ended up being a totally awesome sleeper with a beast of an engine and 700+HP! Joe did an awesome job by doing this project. Just watch the video below and check out the footages to see this beast and follow us for more awesome builds. Don’t forget to follow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram! You can also follow the owner of the Caddy on Tiktok and Instagram @rs3caddy.

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