Brutal Acceleration – 1750HP Twin Turbo Lamborghini 0-350 sound

Extreme fast almost acceleration of a Lamborghini Gallardo LP-570 Superleggera V10 Twin Turbo built by Dallas Performance. Paul Cars Lambo is back and did the first test runs at the TTT Final Race Day 2.0 on the Dekra Oval.

With an impressive top speed of 359 kmh / 223 mph Paul achieved second place in the half mile race. Unfortunately, the Lambo V10 twin turbo did not run perfectly and the runs shown in the video were mostly driven with medium boost and an output of around 1800PS. So first place went to the 1800 HP Nissan GTR R35 A9 Performance. He achieved a vmax of 365 kmh / 227 mph.

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