Craziest TURBOS You’ll EVER SEE!! GTR’s Huracan’s Supra’s 2000whp Flutters and BOV’s 

Craziest TURBOS

Today on Turbo and Stance, the craziest turbos and turbo setups you’ve ever seen! From 2000hp Mustangs, to GTR, Toyota Supra with over 1400hp, TwinTurbo lamborghini huracan,2jz swaps, 1000hp Subaru.

A lot of antilag and 2step, turbo sounds (flutter and BOV) GTR’s pushing close to 3000hp, Turbo civic b18 with no traction , turbo BMW s50 vs Lamborghini Aventador, Nissan s15, mazda rx7 fd3s with huge single turbo.. From UAE, USA, Japan to Europe.. AND MUCH MORE!

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