Czech police are searching for the driver of this Formula Racer!

Czech police are searching Formula racer

Interesting news story from Pribram, Czech Republic, because the police there are looking for a driver who drove a “Formula 1 car” on the D4 highway. The police asks whether witnesses want to report. On a video, of which it is not entirely known when he was shot, you can see how a formula racer drives over the highway at a decent speed (and also keeping it to the right).

The police call it an F1 car, but it seems to us rather a GP2 car or something similar. Since there is cigarette advertising on the rear wing, we also don’t think that the car is still being actively used in FIA races. Behind the racer is a Chevrolet Corvette that seems to belong to the low flyer. The driver is suspected for having broken the traffic law.

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