Driving the BMW 333i – Meeting a Hero

Only 210 of these were ever made, ensuring that this car remains one of the rarest cars ever made. And its a car that South Africa can be proud of; it was developed, built and only ever sold in South Africa.

With help from Alpina, BMW South Africa set about building something unique. With the E30 M3 absent from our market (largely due to sky high import duties and the fact that it was only ever going to be a left-hand-drive model), the local arm of the German car giant decided to go big.

Adding displacement was the answer and the 3.2-litre inline-6 engine from the BMW 733i was squeezed into the relatively tiny engine bay of the 323i Coupe.

A significant list of modifications and customisations were made to help the 333i stand out from its more pedestrian stablemates, and it worked.

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