EXTREME 500+ HP Supercharged Lotus Exige V6 – Time Attack Missile at Imola & Misano Circuit

This extreme Lotus Exige V6 of the Santilli team, driven by Andrea Gazzetti, takes part in the Italian Time Attack championship. I have had the opportunity to film it several times over the years, and I must say that it has undergone an incredible evolution.

Toyota’s 3.5-litre V6 engine currently develops over 500hp thanks to in-depth processing and the use of the Harrop TVS1900 supercharger. The gearbox is a splendid sequential with steering wheel controls.

As you can see, the aerodynamics have also undergone significant changes with enormous wings, widening of the track and a gigantic air diffuser at the rear. You can see the evolution of the car in this video; in 2019 with the race at the Imola circuit and in 2021 during a test session at the Misano circuit.

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