Fastest Lancer Evo HillClimb Monster in Europe || 700+Hp Evolution VIII EGMO

fastest lancer evo

Ronnie Bratschi updated his already Monstruous Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII for the 2019 Season and was one of the most dominant competitors in European Hillclimb Racing of the year.

Now with over 700Hp from its 2.3L stroked 4G63 engine unit moving little over 1000Kg, improved aerodynamics and featuring wider bodywork, it is constantly fighting for Top Honours on the E1-3000+ Class and as fastest Overall Touring Car on all events it enters.

Here you can watch it on Oberhallau, Osnabruck and Wolsfeld, all events where it was the outright Fastest among Touring Car while also beating the All Time Records of both Osnabruck and Wolsfeld. A tremendous machine that saw its Season shortened to a major accident on Gurnigel Hillclimb. Now being rebuilt for 2020, it will come back even stronger. We can´t wait to see that…

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