FEATURE: Mario’s 1300+HP 2JZ Toyota Supra MK4

Toyota Supra 2JZ

1300+HP 2JZ Supra, who wouldn’t want that? In this story we want to show you guys Mario’s 2JZ 1300+HP MK4 Supra. It all started as a Naturally Aspirated MK4 Toyota Supra, which Mario imported from Japan to the Netherlands. It was a MK4 Supra but besides that it was an ugly MK4 with Fast & Furious Style Stickers on it and a Veilside bodykit. But it had a respray and it was completely rust free, so it was a perfect base to start with for Mario!

After the car got the dutch “mot” and the license plates, Mario wanted more power. Which isn’t surprising, cause the N/A engine had only 224HP…. So he began to look for a 2JZ-GTE engine and while the engine was removed, the car got also o respray to black, with a lot of flakes in it!

While doing the swap, Mario used the W58 transmission but that poor transmission literally couldn’t handle all the extra power and all the automotive kidney stones were thrown out when the magnetic drain plug was removed just after two days! To handle the new power source, a new transmission had to be installed together with a better differential.

The V160 Getrag transmission was rebuilt and the B03B differential came from a familiar face in the scene, JT-Engineering. Also the 4 pot front brakes and the 2 pot rear brakes from the twin turbo Supra were fitted to stop the Supra in time.

Toyota Supra 2JZ
Mario’s Supra at a 1/2 Mile Event

After everything was installed it was time to bring the Supra to Arnout from Suprasport with his magic tricks and the Supra did a 447HP / 590NM at 1,36 bar on the stock Japanese twins!

Now it was time to give some sweet lovin’ on the body, the “Top-Secret” gold colour disappeared and made place for the original Toyota 040 white colour. Also the Veilside bodykit was replaced by OEM bumpers and sideskirts! What an upgrade imo!

So this was in short how it all started with Mario’s Supra. Over the years the Supra started at the bottom with 224HP and has at the moment exactly 1301HP! The Turbocharger is from Precision, the 7675 GenII which has been maxed out with E85 fuel. The boost coming from that beast of a turbocharger is being could by a ETS 5 inch Intercooler.

The engine is a completely race spec build by SRD, Built race spec with stage 5 ported & polished Cylinder head, 280 cams with 10.2mm lift and to make the orchestra complete a 4 inch downpipe, mid-pipe and HKS Titanium Racing exhaust was placed!

Till last year this all was also running with a 6 speed Getrag transmission. Since the begin of 2020 Mario got a Samsonas 6 H-Pattern transmission for the 2JZ for better shifting and to put more power down to mother earth during the upcoming 1/2 mile events! The transmission is able to hold 1400Nm of torque!

This all is controlled by a Syvecs ECU, with flat-out shift control system and a lot of sensors to keep it all safe and fast! The clutch is from Carbonetic and is triple plate carbon clutch which is able to hold 1700+Nm of torque! The Carbonetic clutches are designed to handle these extreme powers for the modern day road and race cars.

Toyota Supra 2JZ
Clean engine bay and killer look!

After ten years of blood, sweat and tears. Here is Mario’s awesome #040 White Toyota Supra MK4 with 1300HP!
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