Ferrari Racing Days 2020 Mugello: F2001, 333 SP, 488 Challenge Evo, FXX K Evo & More!

Here’s a general video from last weekend’s Ferrari Racing Days at Mugello Circuit. This type of events organized by Ferrari itself are three days of track activites during which the ‘local’ continental Ferrari Challenge championships (in this case Ferrari Challenge Europe Trofeo Pirelli and Coppa Shell) alternate with the cars of the XX Programmes and F1 Clienti.

Due to the pandemic situation and travel restrictions these guys weren’t expecting many XX cars and F1s: in fact there were just a Ferrari F2007 and an F2001 sharing the track with a beautiful yellow Ferrari 333 SP, while five FXX K Evo, two FXX and four 599XX Evoluzione were the ‘only’ XX cars participating.

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