Fire Spitting FWD Turbo VR6 Corrado Breaks the 8sec Barrier!

FWD Turbo VR6

This VW Corrado came to K.P. Tuning already running the Holley Dominator ecu and with a best pass of 9.51 at 158mph after running it in SFWD class for few years. After some dialing in and setting up, the first pass went 9.4 for the weekend.

As you will see in the video the 8sec barrier was finally broken, and after trying to turn it up more it broke an axle that was not able to be replaced to continue. Watch the video below, leave a comment and follow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!

Quick mod list 3.0 12v vr6
JE 10:1 pistons
Schimmel H beam rods
Solid lifter head done by FFE Racing
Ferrea valvetrain
Custom cat cams
Twin TurboSmart 40mm wastegates
Precision 7285 next gen Turbo
Liberty Dogbox Trans

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