From a 5 Door R32 GTS-T Skyline to a Pandem Widebody R32 GT-R// Insane Build!

In todays feature post we have this awesome Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R. The owner Erdem living in Istanbul/Turkey bought this car as a silvergrey 5-door GTS-T Nissan Skyline and he transformed it into a 3-door GT-R. The mastermind Erdem tells us, it’s like we have seen before from guys building an BMW M4 out of a 4-series. The chassis is exactly the same, we just took of the panels from the 5-door, took original 3-door panels and welded it back on. Just like the original GT-R came off the production line and the first time we painted it, it was pearl red.


Where did all these the parts come from?

Everywhere, he says. There hasn’t been a country we haven’t been. Japan, Germany, United Kingdom. Ofcourse I went there by myself but also friends there helped me to gather all the parts needed for this build. It definitely has been an adventure. And the color ofcourse is midnight purple, from the R34 GT-R. You got btw 3 types of midnight purple and this one is number 3 of the midnight purple.

One of the reasons I bought and build the R32 GT-R is these taillights. I really like the look of them, Erdem says. After building and swapping it completely to a GT-R, he also put a Pandem Widebody kit and a set of Work Meister S1 3-piece wheels, specially made for this bodykit.

What about the interior? Are there any differences?

Inside is completely OEM. Ofcourse there are differences between the GTR and the GTS-T. For example the seats, front and rear has been swapped to GT-R ones. Also the doorcards, the roof and all plastic panels inside. I kept it also RHD, because that’s how these cars are supposed to be.



What about the engine?

Originally the car came with a RB20 out of the factory. The only thing apart from being completely GT-R is the engine. Finding an RB26 in Turkey is just hard and very expensive. So we did something else. We took a RB25 engine and stroked it to a RB30-ish engine with all the components that was needed for it. Ofcourse with a big single turbo, 3 inch exhaust system and HKS rear muffler. The engine isn’t broken in yet, so it produces at the moment around 350-400HP.


So is it also AWD at the moment?

Good question. I had the choice to go for AWD while doing the swap and it was also the plan but I didn’t. While building the car I had gathered all the components that were needed for the AWD swap. Later during the build I thought, I would still love to drift with the car so we kept it RWD and used the gearbox of the R33.


Thanks for reading this article guys. We would love to see more of this beast and can’t actually wait till the engine is broken in, to hear this beast in the higher rpms and maybe some drift action also? You can follow Erdem and this awesome Skyline also on Instagram @juniquedesign and also on Facebook!

In the video below, you will see the same car before it was painted purple.




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