Ken Block’s 730HP “TURBO MONSTER” – 1st REAL Test of the Insane Audi Sport Quattro Replica!

After debuting his Audi Sport Quattro replica “Turbo Monster” last year in Hoonigan’s RING LEADERS and at SEMA in Toyo Tires booth, Ken Block had a long year of fine tuning some details in the car: from a custom exhaust from Borla for the 730+ horsepower inline-5 turbo engine, to fine tuning hand-brake location, and even registering the car complete with the custom CARCAIN(E) license plate.

NOW they are finally able to give the Sport Quattro its first proper test at Willow Springs Raceway in Southern California. Full throttle pulls, i5 turbo exhaust sound music-to-ear science (thanks again Borla), handbrake slides, figure 8’s, donuts, tire smoke (and a wheel lockup issue); the stress gets put on. After all, the goal here is to have a reliable (and hoon-capable; because when’s the last time he didn’t Hoon Test anything he drives regularly??) daily driver. Enjoy!

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