Lamborghini Aventador S w/ Capristo Decat Exhaust: Accelerations, Flames & LOUD Sound!

Lamborghini aventador capristo exhaust

During the 2018 Modball Rally track day at Varano de’ Melegari circuit, the guys from Youtube channel 19Bozzy92 and Italiansupercarvideo recorded this really loud Aventador S. It’s fitted with a full Capristo decatted exhaust that improve drastically the already good V12 sound.

I was really curious to hear and Avy S with a proper exhaust because, compared to the LP700, the LP740 has a factory ECU map that makes some backfires on off-throttle. And these are really accentuated right here.
Enjoy the melody of the V12 engine doing some accelerations, fly bys and downshifts on track!

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