Lotus Elise CR Supercharged w/ 2bular Exhaust: Sound, Acceleration & Backfires!

Lotus Elise CR Supercharged

This video is about a Lotus Elise S3 Club Racer of Davide (@davide.best if you want to follow him on Instagram). The little sports car features a few mods such as the Komo-Tec “Turbodrive 200” phase 2 kit which includes a Rotrex centrifugal supercharged and a full ECU tune that allows the little Toyota 1.6-liter engine to increase its power from 134 bhp to around 200 bhp.

Plus Davide’s car is also fitted with a 2bular exhaust which greatly enhances the sound maybe a little too much since I’d like to hear better that “flutter” from the Rotrex on off-throttle 🙂 Watch the video below, leave a comment and share this one with your friends. Follow us also on Facebook!

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