The majestic. The iconic. For many people, the ultimate and impossible dream Audi. The legendary, and the one and only: Audi SportQuattro!! It’s been a long time coming, and I’ve searched a long time for one, and here it finally is.

Thanks to the guys at LCE Performance, we can present to you the craziest car Audi has ever made. The craziest sounds you’ve ever heard a car produce. For those that love Group B rally, you can already imagine. It’s hard for me to get this excited over a car, but this is the craziest ish!

The Sport quattro, also called ”The Short One” was first presented to the public at the 1983 IAA. Delivery began in December 1984. It was developed on the basis of the Audi quattro for rallying and was produced from autumn 1984 to summer 1985 in a quantity of only 220 units.

The guys at LCE Performance are very proud, after a lot of development work, to be the only ones worldwide who can offer the customers such a replica with 100% TÜV! For further information please contact them.

The car is fully street legal with up to an insane 1080hp. In terms of bodywork, Audi was able to proceed on the basis of a large number of its models in the so-called modular system. The Sport quattro is based on the two-door Audi 80 sedan up to the B-pillar and the Audi quattro from the B-pillar upwards.

The Sport quattro is 320 mm shorter than the Audi quattro. The side doors are all from the Audi 80, while the tailgate is made of glass-fiber reinforced polyester resin, as was used for the front spoiler of the Audi quattro. Fenders, rear side panels, roof, hood, front and rear apron were manufactured and delivered by Seger and Hoffmann in Switzerland.

These parts are made of multi-layer aramid fabric, epoxy resin and various additives. The production and processing of this dimensionally stable yet lightweight material also accounted for a large part of the total cost of the Audi Sport quattro.

The weight of 1,060KG is a result of these blatant conversions to full carbon in all areas, which allows for a constant TÜV conformity. In addition to its lightness, the Sport Quattro stands out because of the characteristics hidden under the hood.

A modified five-cylinder in-line engine from the Audi A6 2.5 TDI in combination with a 92.8mm crankshaft from the South African VW T4 diesel bus and a modified Audi S2 cylinder head generates an incredible 1,081 hp. Coated forged pistons, H-shaft connecting rods and 22 mm piston pins provide the necessary stability.

Breathed by a TTE 1200 turbocharger with RS 2-Wastegate, the Sport Quattro fires the 3.5-inch exhaust system, which is a custom-made product and runs from the turbocharger. A maximum boost pressure of 3.4 bar accelerates the Sport Quattro to a theoretical 330 km/h.

The 6-speed manual transmission, which is operated using a CAE shifter, has been lengthened in 6th gear to allow it to operate at low revs even during longer freeway stages.

Car: 1984-1985 Audi Sportquattro Coupé Original
Engine: 2.1L 5 cylinder Turbo, 310hp/350Nm/228Kw This engine: A modified five-cylinder in-line engine from the 2.5 TDI in combination with a 92.8mm crankshaft from the South African VW T4 diesel bus and a modified Audi S2 cylinder head generates an incredible 700hp (can put out up to 1081hp)

Performance 0-100kmh(62mph): around 3.5 seconds
Top speed: 280km/h – 700hp, 330km/h – 1081hp
Weight: 1080kg
Quattro and gearbox: 4×4 full-time (quattro 1gen, all-wheel drive permanent; manual locks on center and rear differentials), manual 5-speed gearbox

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