Throtl’s RWD K20 Turbo Civic VS FWD B18 Supercharged Civic! Which is better?

They always say this is the epitome of THIS vs THAT but this time… IT LITERALLY IS! In this episode they have a REAR WHEEL DRIVE Honda Civic VS a FRONT WHEEL DRIVE Honda Civic! Their friends at @throtl brought out their insane K20A2 powered Honda Civic EK Hatchback EK9, the wildest part about it is they converted it to RWD WITH air conditioning.

This thing is covered in carbon fiber and weighs almost nothing. On the other side of the strip we have Royer’s super clean and super well built Honda Civic Hatchback EG6. This one is still FWD and he swapped a stroked and supercharged B18C1. Let’s find out if the Honda Civic should have come FWD or RWD from the factory.

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