Top 6 Most Radical Engine SWAPS

A Fckng Lamborghini with 4 cylinder VW Turbo engine?! LoL. These engine swaps are crazy! Some of you will love these and some of you will hate them!

Watch the video with some of the most radical engine swaps below and leave a comment or share this one with your friends!

Most Radical Engine SWAP
1) Hyundai Veloster – 2JZ-GTE 650HP
2) Ford Scorpio – M50B25 Turbo … HP
3) Ford Focus RWD – 2JZ-GTE 700HP
4) Chevrolet Nova -13B Rotary Engine 570HP
5) Mazda RX-7 – Viper V10 Twin-turbo Engine 900HP
6) Lamborghini Gallardo – VW (1.8-1.9) Turbo Engine(AP block with a 20v head)

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