1300HP BMW M3 E30 w/ 2JZ Turbo || Drift Run VS Grip Run

Vidar Jodahl and his 2JZ-GTE swapped BMW M3 E30 were once again Star Of The Show at Osnabruck Hillclimb this year Pounding the tarmac into submission with its outrageous power and torque, at a grand total of 1306Hp/1578Nm (!!!!).

This time there was another very interesting angle as unlike last year, the Norwegian driver did not limit himself to perform Drift runs, but also some proper runs focused on achieving the best time possible.

This opened up a lot of very interesting comparison points and in some ways a proper display of how different both types of driving are, as well as display how such a wild machine had to be explored in order to extract maximum cornering speed opposed to when it “simply” has to go sideways.

Different Rev ranges are used, different lines are taken and a much smoother touch is required. But better than any explanation, is the footage shown, alongside the times achieved. About the machine let´s just remember the kind of “animal” we are dealing with here.

At the heart of this unique ( and for some quite sacrilegious.. ) BMW M3 E30 unit is this 2JZ-GTE 3.0L, Inline 6 engine unit, famous for being the motor powering the iconic Toyota Supra, and here strengthened with forged pistons and rods from Powerhouse Racing and a set of billet main caps, while also benefitting from better flow thanks to porting of its DOHC 24-valve cylinder head.

All this coupled to that massive Garrett GTX-42R Turbo. At 3 bars of boost like this Monster ran on the final day of competition at Osnabruck, the Power and Torque figures reach the outrageous numbers we warned you about in the beginning. It´s 1306Hp/1578Nm… let that sink in…

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