2000HP GT-R Lays Down A 211mph Pass in 1760FT At Race Motive! GO AUTO PERFORMANCE

With the previous record of 206mph (set by a 2000HP UGR Lambo) we weren’t sure what to expect on this hot day at Pocono Raceway. The DA was over +4500 and being the first event for the season we didn’t have high hopes, but this GT-R did not disappoint!

On a shakedown pass it ripped off 207mph off the trailer while getting sideways mid track. Later in the day a UGR X 2XXXHP Lamborghini Huracan laid down a 214mph pass with a valid start speed, and that set this Go Auto Performance Street Sweeper GT-R on a mission.

On it’s third pass it laid down a 211mph pass starting at 63mph. Felix Tuned turned up the wick a bit more but unfortunately the rear 18″ radials could not hold all the sauce. The team will be back with a 15″ rear and send it with hopes of taking down the UGR Lambo record! Stay Tuned…..

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