765HP LOTUS FERRARI V8 Twin-Turbo || Crazy PORPOISING Onboard

This insane looking machine is the latest version of Dawie Joubert´s Lotus Exige Monster, prepared for the South African Simola HillClimb and now sporting a Ferrari 488 GTB engine tuned up to 765Hp.

Going from a Honda K20 Turbo unit to a Twin Turbo Ferrari powerplant required finding a crashed donor car and then fitting all the Italian mechanic and electrical parts into the tiny (albeit now stretched) British chassis and fitting it all with the some of the wildest Aerodynamics we ever featured.

All this came at some price, as Mr. Joubert certainyl had a car with potential to fight for victory at Simola, but the combination of irregular asphalt with insane Downforce created the kind of porpoising capable of shaming 2022 Formula 1 Teams. In the end it led to other mechanical issues preventing it to achieve a better time during the weekend altough still finding a place among the Final Top 10.

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