450+HP Peugeot 205 GTi 1.6 Turbo || ONBOARD Time Attack FWD Monster

This is the spectacular Peugeot 205 GTi 1.6 Turbo tuned by Spoox for Time Attack Racing and driven by Team owner Darren Spooner.

Taken from its natural habitat (circuits) into Hillclimb Racing for the Quick 60 ShootOut event we organized alongside Retro Rides Gathering at Shelsley Walsh, it certainly had to endure through difficult conditions for a high powered FWD Monster like Wet weather and Standing Starts, but ended posting a great result placing 2nd on its Class and being among the 10 Fastest Cars of the day.

Powered by a highly tuned and now Turbocharged 1.6L TU5J4 engine from a 106 GTi capable of over 500Hp in its highest boosting settings, of course here it had to use far less, only going close to the 400Hp mark on the last and drier runs of the day.

Even then, a totoal weight of 845Kg and a proper Aerodynamic package go a long way and all can see how it still brough very respectable pace. Now let´s just wait for full dry weather for its next Hillclimb experiment.

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