7-second Toyota Cressida 1.5JZ turbo | fullBOOST

In past years, the Sport Compact Street289 class has been dominated by lightweight rotary powered short wheelbase cars. Shane Crichton Toyota Cressida bucks that trend being a bigger car and a larger engine.

Built by Blacktrack Performance, the Cressida’s Toyota engine features a grout filled cast 2JZ forged 3L bottom mated to a 1JZ 2.5L cylinder head commonly referred to as a 1.5JZ engine.

Boost comes from a Garrett GTX5018 turbocharger on a 6boost promod manifold, all controlled via a MicroTech LT32 big bertha ECU on methanol fuel, driving through an MV Automatics Powerglide. It’s nice to see the car is still fitted with a Toyota G-series IRS rear end.

This combo is good for a touch over 1200 hub horsepower. While many have made the switch to radial tyre racing, Shane has retained the 28x9in slicks. Prior to this the Cressida had run as quick as 7.81 and looking to improve the car didn’t let him down laying down a series of very consistent run.


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