500HP Tuned Hyper Hatch DRAG RACE!

It’s time for an incredible tuned hot hatch drag race! These guys got their hands on the BMW M240i, VW Golf R, Audi RS3 and AMG A45 S. They’re all about to go head-to-head over the quarter-mile, and they’ve all been tuned! This one’s going to be epic…

So let’s check out the stats. The BMW is powered by a 3-litre straight-six turbo, which normally puts out 374hp and 500Nm of torque. However, the one we’ve got our hands on now puts out 460hp and 650Nm! Next up it’s the Golf R, which is the most powerful car here! Its 2-litre 4-cylinder turbo engine normally produces 374hp and 420Nm of torque, but it’s £7,000 worth of work done to it, and as a result, it now puts down 530hp and 630Nm!

Alongside the Golf, we have the RS3, with the power output from its 2.5-litre 5-cylinder turbo increased from 400hp and 500Nm to 503hp and 630Nm respectively. Then finally we have the AMG A45. It’s had the least work done on it here (only £1,000 worth), but it’s still received a pretty tasty output increase, with the 2-litre 4-cylinder turbo now putting down 503hp and 610Nm!

The question is, can you pick a winner?! There’s only one way to find out for sure… LET’S RACE! Watch the video below to see and follow us also on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!

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