500+HP VW Golf Mk4 R32 Turbo || Brutal VR6 Sound – ONBOARD

Golf MK4 R32 Turbo

One of the new Monsters in this late beginning of the Hillclimb season, it´s the Golf Mk4 R32 Turbo of Ante Alduk, a brutal sounding FWD Monster that posted some very impressive results right from the get go. Powered by the iconic 3.2L VR6 engine here in Turbocharged form, it has over 500Hp of power.

With traction being pretty much the limiting factor here, with all this power and torque being delivered only to the Front Wheels, it is still a very impressive machine right from the soundtack it delivers, all the way to the very assured manner it corners. It is definitely one we´ll keep an eye on…

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