530HP VW LUPO V6 Turbo || AUDI RS4 Swap DYNO & RACE

One of the craziest Engine Swaps we have seen in the last years, this is Janko Medved´s VW Lupo Proto, once a Hayabusa swapped little machine (with Supercharger too), but now has gone to quite a new level, having a 2.7L V6 Twin-Turbo fitted from an Audi RS4. Still very much in development, it is already producing a very healthy 530Hp using a conservative tune, for only 1020Kg.

Here we can watch it at Buzet, Croatia, for the Formula Driver round (hence the chicanes). Hopefully we can see this little Beast being developed even more and getting the chassis upgrades to contend with this much power on such a short wheelbase.

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