670+HP Porsche 993 GT2 Biturbo || Driven by 71 Year Old Racer

Now 71 Year Old Austrian Hillclimb Legend Rupert Schwaiger continues to defy time and age expectactions by being one of the fastest and most active HillClimb Racers even this Season.

Driving a Monster powered by a Twin-Turbo 3.5L Air-Cooled Flat 6 Engine producing 670Hp and 850Nm transmitted to the Rear Wheels through a paddle-operated Sequential Gearboc taken from a 2007 Porsche 911 RSR, it is always a tremendously quick machine on a straight line.

It also uses top-of-the-line KW Suspensions, coupled with some Aerodynamic enhacements like the enormous Rear Wing and benefitting from its low total weight around 1100Kg to make it a proper weapon also on the corners and although not a machine know to be easy to drive, here we can see Mr. Schwaiger on 4 different events where he would place among the 10 Fastest Touring cars present outright.

It is with immense joy that we see a true Veteran still pushing it to the limit on such an iconic machine that we are sure all fans can´t be more thankful to watch being raced in anger instead of being tucked away in a garage, far from fulfilling its real purpose. A True HillClimb Hero in our book…

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