Nissan Titan Swapped 240SX Review! Supercharged MAYHEM From a Truck Engine?

The S13 Nissan 240SX has always been seen to many to be the ultimate blank slate. You can do literally almost anything to them, their aftermarket support is great, and the sky is the limit.

However I thought I had seen just about everything people have done to the 240SX – and I was very wrong. With one of the craziest engine swaps I’ve ever seen done to the S13, Jason has taken a Nissan Titan V8 truck engine and stuffed it into this small Japanese classic.

With it’s angry exhaust note, sleek silvia front end, and screaming supercharger there is no doubt this car captures your imagination. So what’s it like driving a Nissan Titan swap 240SX? Let’s go for a drive and find out.

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